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Opossum Control

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While opossums are generally not considered to be seriously harmful, they certainly are not welcome guests in our homes. If an opossum has made themselves at home or business in or around your home or business or place is business, you need fast, reliable service. Backed by 35+ years of service experience, Enviro-Tech Pest Services is the most trusted and recognized name in animal control. We have encountered and safely removed thousands of opossums in our years of service and we guarantee we have a solution for your problem. In fact, our team is so confident in our ability to handle your opossum problem, that we back out opossum control services with a guarantee of complete satisfaction.

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    “Jeremy gave us free inspection, some excellent insights & quick quote.”

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    “I recently had to call them to treat for ants. They were able to come within minutes! The job was thorough. Those things mean a lot!”

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    “Great company always very responsive!”

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    always professional, kind, and competent

    “Duke, on the other hand, listened carefully to my concerns, put a lot of effort into investigating the source of the infestation, and came up with a plan that used a borate product in the home, and a contained bait outside the home. He was persistent and s”

    - Ilse A.

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Are Opossums & Possums the Same?

While both are marsupials, opossums and possums are not actually the same. Opossums are the only marsupial found in North America and possums are found in Australia, New Zealand, China, and other countries. Possums are more closely related to kangaroos than opossums.

Are Opossums Dangerous?

Opossums are generally considered not to be dangerous. These marsupials are not aggressive and when they feel unsafe, they have two main methods of self-defense: hissing and playing dead. When they are especially scared, they will “play possum” by drawing back their lips, foaming at the mouth, and secreting a very foul odor to drive predators away.

However, on very rare occasions, they have been known to bite humans or pets who threaten them. This can be dangerous if the opossum is a carrier of tularemia, leptospirosis, tuberculosis, or any other kind of disease that can harm humans. In addition, opossums commonly carry lice, ticks, fleas, and other parasites that are known to carry and transmit diseases to humans. Coming into contact with an opossum can seriously increase a person’s risk of contracting these illnesses.

Signs of an Opossum Infestation

While opossum infestations are rare, they do happen on occasion. These marsupials will seek shelter in attics, crawlspaces, sheds, garages, hollow logs, brush piles, or underneath decks. Once on your property, they can cause damage to your garden, garbage bins, shingles, siding, insulation, and more. The key to minimizing the damage caused by an opossum is recognizing an infestation and bringing in opossum control specialists right away.

Signs of an opossum infestation include:

  • Strange animal noises in the attic, behind walls, or underneath the home or business
  • Disappearing pet food
  • A strong, musty odor (caused by urine and feces)
  • Damaged roofing materials or insulation
  • Nests made of insulation, leaves, twigs, plastic, or clothing items

If you believe you have an opossum infestation, turn to Enviro-Tech. Our opossum control, trapping, and removal services are second to none. As highly trained wildlife removal specialists, you can count on us to take care of all your opossum control needs.

Our eco-friendly processes include:

  • Using non-chemical treatments as our first line of defense
  • Limiting our use of pesticides
  • Undergoing regular training on humane removal
  • Driving hybrid and electric service vehicles

Don’t just settle for any company, choose the team that always goes the extra mile to deliver the high-quality wildlife control you deserve. Choose Enviro-Tech Pest Services today.

For same-day opossum control, call (800) 836-3089. We look forward to serving you!

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Why Choose Enviro-Tech?

At Enviro-Tech Pest Services, our team never cuts corners or settles for work that is “good enough.” Since opening our doors in 1985, we have remained up to date on all of the latest environmentally sensitive trends and treatment methods in the industry. Each member of our team is fully trained in Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which enables us to use environmentally conscious methods, tools, and products to eliminate any infestation, no matter how severe. We are passionate about protecting the homes and businesses in our community from pests and wildlife animals without putting causing harm to non-targets such as people, pets, and the environment.

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