• Excellent, professional & courteous service.
    Jeremy gave us free inspection, some excellent insights & quick quote.
    Excellent, professional & courteous service.

    - Bill B.

  • The job was thorough.
    I recently had to call them to treat for ants. They were able to come within minutes! The job was thorough. Those things mean a lot!

    - Patricia E.

  • Great company always very responsive!
    Great company always very responsive!

    - Jim S.

  • always professional, kind, and competent
    When I started seeing signs of termite infestation in my home in Harrisonburg, I called each of the pest-control establishments that serve the area. I have two small children, an appreciation of the disruptive effects of persistent chemicals on child development, and my PhD included a minor in entomology. With the exception of Duke Compton at Enviro-Tech Pest Services, each company I spoke to trivialized my health and environmental concerns (we live on a hill that is permeated by a spring that feeds Black's Run), and they recommended solutions that involved insecticides in the home and insecticide-filled trenches dug around the home. One rep said disingenuously that the chemical he recommended is safe because it's made by "Bayer, the makers of children's aspirin". (Dubious choice of argument, since Bayer was also the maker of the gas used in Auschwitz.)

    Duke, on the other hand, listened carefully to my concerns, put a lot of effort into investigating the source of the infestation, and came up with a plan that used a borate product in the home, and a contained bait outside the home. He was persistent and successful.

    (Also, Cathy, the office administrator, was always professional, kind, and competent, and so a pleasure to deal with.)

    - Ilse A.