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Fly Control

Let Your Worries Fly Away with Enviro-Tech on Your Side

The occasional fly is nothing to be concerned about, but if it seems like flies are taking over your home or business or yard, you need to bring in a team of professional pest control experts. At Enviro-Tech Pest Services, our team has the solution to your every pest problem. With over 35 years of service experience, we have the resources and products to eliminate any fly infestation, no matter how severe. Our team can identify and treat house flies, fruit flies, fungus gnats, horse flies, stable flies, phorid flies, and more.

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    “Great company always very responsive!”

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Are Flies Harmful?

We think it is safe to say that flies are among the most irritating of pests, constantly buzzing in your ears and landing on your food. But, did you know that flies are also actually quite dangerous? While very few flies will actually bite or sting you, most of them carry and transmit harmful pathogens and parasites that can make humans very sick. Flies pick up these harmful pathogens and parasites from places they feed such as trash cans, decaying animals, rotting food, and manure, and can transfer them anywhere they land. Transmission of fly diseases takes place when flies make direct contact with people or the food they eat.

Flies are known to transmit the following diseases:

  • Dysentery
  • Typhoid
  • Cholera
  • Trachoma
  • Epidemic conjunctivitis
  • Cutaneous diphtheria
  • Leprosy
  • Salmonella
  • Tuberculosis
  • Gastroenteritis

What Attracts Flies?

The best way to prevent flies is to understand what attracts them in the first place. Flies are attracted to food sources, including uncovered trash, animal droppings, old fruit, vegetable scraps, rotting meat, spilled sugary drinks, scum buildup in drains, and decaying flesh. They are also attracted to the warmth that comes from homes and lights in particular because warmer environments make breeding easier.

How to Prevent Flies

Once a fly infestation is established in your home or business, it can be very difficult to eliminate. Once flies make their way onto your property, they can breed and expand their populations quite quickly, making prevention very important.

To prevent flies, you should:

  • Repair any holes in your window and door screens
  • Seal all food in airtight containers
  • Dispose of rotting fruit and vegetables
  • Take your trash out regularly
  • Make sure your outside trashcans are properly covered
  • Clean and sanitize your kitchen regularly
  • Take care of any spills as soon as they happen
  • Schedule routine pest control

Bringing in a team of pest control experts is the best way to prevent a fly infestation. At Enviro-Tech Pest Services, we can apply a preventative barrier around your home or business to protect it against flies.

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Why Choose Enviro-Tech?

Here at Enviro-Tech Pest Services, we care a great deal about your health and safety as well as the health and safety of the planet. Each of our pest solutions is designed to have the lowest impact on non-targets such as your family, your pets, and the environment surrounding your home or business. All of our technicians are fully trained in Integrated Pest Management, which incorporates accurate pest identification, elimination of pest habitat, and careful, proper application of the lowest-risk pesticides, when necessary.

Turn to us for your fly control services and rest easy knowing your home or business is in the hands of fully qualified professionals who always work with your best interests in mind. We are so confident that you will be satisfied with the results of our services, that we back each one with a complete satisfaction guarantee!

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