What is Eco-Conscious Pest Control?

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If you think pests are just an annoyance in your everyday life, think again. There are, unfortunately, many real-life health consequences that accompany the presence of pests in your home and business. Some of the most common perpetrators include:

  • Cockroaches spread around 33 different types of bacteria and six kinds of parasitic worms.

  • Mice defecate 70 times each day, spreading a variety of viruses.

  • Insects that cause anaphylactic reactions

  • Stinging insects which kill 40-100 people annually

  • Ticks that cause Lyme disease

  • Pests are responsible for wasting about 10% of the world's food supply. Rats and mice alone eat enough human food to feed 200 million people.

  • Rodents chew through utility pipes, cables and wires, causing a variety of disasters including explosions, flooding, fires, and power shortages.

The Environmental Dangers of Pesticides

Pesticides are the go-to fix for all kinds of pest invasions here in the US—in fact, more than 1 billion pounds of pesticides are used yearly in the US. Why is this a problem? While they're great at eliminating nuisance pests, they also have a lasting impact on the environment.

Even if they're only applied in a small area, they move throughout the ecosystem via water, air, soil, etc., and they can remain in the area for days, weeks, months, and years after the treatment. Pesticide use is one of the main causes of the decline in the honeybee population over the last 15 years, and they don't stop with honeybees. They've been known to disrupt plenty of other pollinators such as butterflies, hummingbirds, and even lizards and small mammals.

The Health Dangers of Pesticides

Just like small doses can have a major impact on the environment, they can also majorly impact your health. The WHO (World Health Organization) has estimated there are 3 million cases of pesticide poisoning each year and more than 200,00 deaths.

Long-term pesticide exposure has been linked to a range of chronic health issues, including:

  • Birth defects

  • Cancer

  • Genetic changes

  • Blood disorders

  • Nerve disorders

Some of the initial symptoms associated with exposure are:

  • Headaches

  • Skin and eye irritation

  • Dizziness

  • Nausea

We can't stop with human impacts; let's also take a look at the impact on pets. Ingesting or pesticide exposure can cause issues ranging from fevers and vomiting to seizures and respiratory failure.

What is Eco-Conscious Pest Control?

At Enviro-Tech® Pest Services, we recognize the urgency with which we need to address pest infestations. But we also recognize that most of our clients seek a solution that will not harm their children, friends, their pets, or the environment.

This is why we knew it was important that our business was built on creating a pest solution with a low impact on non-pests.

We focus on understanding and utilizing integrated pest management, which incorporates accurate pest and harborage identification, elimination of pest habitat, and carefully selecting and properly applying the lowest-risk pesticides when appropriate.

Even our fleet of service vehicles reflects our dedication to reducing our energy consumption. Our fleet currently consists of 30% hybrid Prius vehicles, and this will increase to 50% over the next five years.

This is just the beginning of eco-conscious pest control for our team. We will continue to strive toward greener solutions that remain just as effective at preventing and treating pest infestations at your home or business. To learn more about our mission, visit our website or give us a call at (800) 836-3089.

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